End-to-end IoT value

Connecting things unlock new functions for products, new end-user experiences and innovative business models. A huge opportunity for all businesses, big and small.

We support you unlocking the potential by creating end-to-end IoT value that leverages the real power of connected product service systems, and adds new value for your customers and your business.

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cases of new products


Smart Jacket is a patient & parent friendly solution for premature babies replacing sensors and wires for monitoring vital body signs. It communicates wirelessly with a patient monitor and allows parents to take their child out of the incubator for longer durations enabling essential physical contact.


ArtGuard is a smart frame for precious art pieces that monitors the quality of the environment with sensors. By documenting the data in a digital passport, the actual conservation history is available for art owners and insurance providers. Ultimately this will contribute to the conservation quality and financial value of the pieces.


Growficient is a effective and cost-efficient sensor service for precision farming that will transform the way farmers grow their crops. With intelligent wireless sensors, data will be collected from the soil. This will give farmers the right information to reduce costs, plant stress, environmental footprint and in the end increase its profits.

Built upon Secure, Scalable & Proven Technology

Creating value from connecting products and services requires secure and scalable technology as a basis to build upon. Our modular and secure solutions are based on proven technology and will enrich your products and services and accelerate your business. Depending on your requirements we can provide all four fundamental building blocks. From sensors to service layer, we know what it takes to create the right business value.

Modules & Sensors

We offer a flexible and modular hardware framework that will seamlessly fit in your products.


We select the optimal type of connectivity to connect your products with our cloud platform.

Cloud Platform

Our central engine that collects, process, and sends all your sensor data.

Service Layer

We use API’s to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems or customize our apps and reporting tools.

Get a Proof of Concept within 1 month

We use a proven four-step process with defined deliverables to get your IoT enabled products and services. from define and design to deployment we focus on your business.

  1. 1. Define

    We focus on what really matters for your customers, define where you can make a big impact and help you can make use of technology wisely.

  2. 2. Design

    We take your ideas and transform it into a design that maps out everything you need to meet your business goals.

  3. 3. Build & Learn

    From a minimal viable product to the final product, we make sure our solution is tested, trailled, and 100% working before it’s turned on.

  4. 4. Deployment & Support

    We provide training, have 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, and offer you help-desk support as required.

Benefits of working with Connectable

We are your partner fo fully leverage the potential of integrating IoT in your business.

Experienced Team

We have almost 20 years of experience in product innovation, building platforms, and developing connected products.


With our portfolio of products and services we can quickly create a proof-of-concept to reduce risks, increase speed and start learning.


We use Lean Service Design and Design Thinking to understand your business and solve your customers’ problems with strategic solutions.


From RF engineers to software developers, we have all the technical knowledge in-house so you only have to focus on your product.


From our hardware modules and sensors to software platform and apps, we are ready to scale our secure solutions as you grow.


We are not bound to any specific IoT technology and select components that best fits your product and business requirements.


Because we are specialists in low-power solutions, your connected products will use very low power resulting in long battery life.


Your business is the starting point. Depending on your situation, we can integrate in your existing infrastructure or create any other solution.

Focused & experienced

  • Ashlee Valdes


  • Dirk Jan Mulder

    Business Development

  • Javier Cuadros Linde

    Systems Engineer

  • Jochem Meuwese

    Team Lead

  • Koen Karsten

    Software Engineer

  • Marlon Doomen

    UX Designer

  • Max Nedelcu

    Software Engineer

  • Rodger van der Maarel

    Sales Manager

  • Roland van Straten

    Hardware Engineer